What We Charge

Registering as a Vendor on EcoDepot is free and there are no set-up costs or hidden monthly subscription fees.
The only time that there is a small fee, is when an item is sold and the transaction is successful.
We take our commission from the total sale value (excluding shipping) plus a transaction fee per item sold.

Sales commission fee excl VAT


Transaction fee excl VAT paid to PayFast


Here’s an examples of how the fees work

  1. One item is sold at a value of R1,000 plus shipping costs of R175
      • Sales commission is 15% of R1,000 (total sale value excluding shipping of R175)
        Commission = R150 + 15% VAT = R172,50
      • Transaction Fee is 3,5% of R1000¬†which is paid to PayFast
        Total transaction fee = R35 + 15% VAT = R40,25
      • Total commission & transaction fees for 1 item sold at R1000 = R172,50 + R40,25 = R212,75


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